Why do you write YA?

Because I never got over my teenhood and enjoy contributing to a genre that is, effectively, a collective art therapy project. Isn’t that why all YA writers write YA? *looks around nervously*

What’s your favorite YA book?

Hands down, THE GOATS by Brock Cole. Every time I read it, I find more things to like. If you haven’t already, you need to read it. And don’t tell me its hilarious 80s fashion and lack of cell phones makes it outdated. It’s vintage, dammit.

Other all-time faves include WEETZIE BAT by Francesca Lia Block, OCD LOVE STORY by Corey Ann Haydu, LUCY by Jamaica Kincaid, and WISE CHILD by Monica Furlong (though it would probably be considered MG these days). And though it’s not YA, THE MAGICIANS trilogy by Lev Grossman kicks so much ass I feel compelled to mention it here.

I like birds and you don’t. What’s your problem with such beautiful and majestic creatures?

I don’t dislike birds, I just think they’re creepy because they remind me of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Especially big birds, like raptors and parrots. Blame Steven Spielberg.

Are you a feminist?

F*ck yes!

Do your books have swears in them?

F*ck yes!

If I tweet or email you a question, will you answer it here?

Maybe yes. Always worth a shot.