One TV Fan’s Manifesto: My Reaction to Syfy’s The Magicians

Anyone who’s read my FAQ page already knows that I’m a huge fan of The Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman. Seriously, they are the shit. A whole mess of spoilers are about to follow so if you haven’t read the books, stop reading this post and go directly to a library, bookstore or Kindle and acquire them. Now.

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Sprout vs. the Fantastical Childhood Multiverse


Back in September, NPR did a piece about the premiere of Nina’s World, the first original show for children’s TV network Sprout. Before we go too far, I need to say that I’ve never watched even a single episode of the show. All I know about it is what Mandalit Del Barco told me on the radio—it follows a six-year-old Latina girl named Nina as she hangs out with her hip grandmother and grows up in a multicultural neighborhood.

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