Well, it’s finally happened. My little YA Contemporary novel about a teenage girl who leads a double life as an escape artist, and the teenage boy she trades secrets with, is finally out in the world. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who helped make that happen.

I’m posting today to remind you to GO BUY THE BOOK if you like stories about snarky Grifflepuffs who just want to make it out of high school without getting their souls crushed. And if you bought the book (or got a free copy on NetGalley), go review it on Amazon and Goodreads. Pretty please with marshmallows on top.

I’m also posting to let you know that, though I will occasionally post on this blog, most of my non-book content will be in my newsletter. You like content, don’t you? Yes, of course. So please go subscribe to Squid Ink. I promise that for every paragraph of book news and blatant self-promotion, I will include at least two paragraphs of entertaining and insightful stuff.

Thanks book-peeps!

2 thoughts on “THE ART OF ESCAPING has arrived…

  1. Quote: “though I will occasionally post on this blog, most of my non-book content will be in my newsletter.”
    *hurries to subscribe*

    Again, HAPPY (now belated) BOOK BIRTHDAY, and if the early signs are telling, you’re on the path to success and recognition, and going to feed us many more awesome books!

    It was well deserved. Now lay back and enjoy it 😉.

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