5 Songs I Wish My Teen Self Could Hear

Last month, I tackled five songs that defined my teenhood. Many years have passed since I was a teenager and many things about me have evolved, including my taste in music. But somewhere in the depths of my psyche, teenage me is still hanging around, all pissed off and terrified and in awe of all the awesome things the world has to offer. Plenty of songs from my teenhood have the power to bring that teenage version of me to the surface. And, once in a while, I’ll hear a song that didn’t exist when I was a teen but has the inexplicable ability to do the same thing plus more. These songs not only make me feel like I’m fifteen again in the best possible way, they make me want to pluck teen me out of the past, stick a pair of headphones on her ears and say, “You need to listen to this.”

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5 Songs That Defined My Teenhood

Because I spend most of my time writing about writing and bitching about TV shows, you wouldn’t know from this blog that I’m a massive music fan. Though I don’t follow music as closely as I used to and probably listen to more podcasts than albums these days, music has played, and continues to play, an integral role in my life.

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YA & The Great Pop Culture Reference Debate


I love the YA community on the interwebs. Truly, I do. Twitter, Goodreads, and the blogosphere are great places to read the thoughts and opinions of many smart, fascinating, righteous folks (writers, librarians, book bloggers, teachers, etc.) who deserve your attention. They are diligently trying to make the world better which is, really, what we all should be doing.

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Merry Merry, All

’Tis the season and I’m going to keep this post short because I’d like to take the time I normally spend slaving over my blog and spend it with my family instead of with my laptop. If you’re luckily enough to have a family (biological or otherwise), I suggest you get off your phone or laptop or whatever you’re reading this on and do the same. For those who have nothing better to do this time of year or are trying to avoid their in-laws, here’s a list of my five favorite holiday pop songs.

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Unmooring Mandy from the Misogynistic Wasteland of the Late-90s

A week ago, as I was scrolling through VOD options for a movie, I stumbled upon a blip of pop culture I’d all but forgotten about—the 2004 teen comedy about Christian and non-Christian teenagers, Saved! Though neither groundbreaking nor as whip-smart as Mean Girls, Saved! is nonetheless entertaining and offers a positive message of tolerance and self-acceptance. But perhaps the most memorable thing about the film is the primary villain, a self-righteous, bible-thumping bully played by Mandy Moore.

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